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Airline management and consulting services

  • Assessments and feasibility studies
  • Airline Business Planning
  • Transformation and rejuvenation plans
  • Critical operational systems and IT structures design
  • Project management and implementation
  • Start-up preparation
  • Strategic approaches for the acquisition of investment equity partners
  • Network and route optimization
  • Alliance management
  • Operational performance measurement and enhancement
  • Revenue and cost optimization


Airport ground service management and consulting services

Performance Optimization

Significant measurable improvements for the management of:

  • On-time performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Irregularity handling
  • Baggage loss/damage
  • Cargo – loss/damage
  • Cargo ULD control
  • Security- & safety incidents

Cost Reductions - Efficiency Enhancements


Managing and reducing costs are some of the most effective tools to increase revenue.

At aviation Consult, we assist companies with our specialist skills and expertise:

  • Identifying and exploiting synergies
  • Identifying and eliminating sources of duplication or error
  • Operational performance analysis
  • Analysis and optimization of contracts with vendors
  • Analysis and optimization of contracts with customers
  • Scrutinizing historically ordered costs and expenses
  • Documenting rigorous and streamlined approval processes for new purchases
  • Organizational structures
  • Personnel requirements analysis
  • Material & equipment requirements analysis
  • Technology structures and operation

Managing Irregularities

The occurrence of unforeseeable irregularities such as major airport delays, diversions, weather, unserviceabilities, IT outages, cancellations, or industrial action, puts staff and supervisors to the test.

In circumstances such as these, the reputation and ongoing viability of the company is placed in jeopardy if staff members are unable to manage the situation effectively. There are also the prospects of significant financial loss flowing from compensation claims.

There are many reasons why irregularities can be mismanaged:

  • Insufficient or even no preparation at all (Contingency Plans, Business Continuity Plans)
  • Over-stretched, irritable, missing staff members
  • Lack of self-confidence and interpersonal skills of ground service staff
  • Lack of internal and external communication
  • Poor supervision and management

To significantly reduce the risks during an irregularity event, we can develop and document individually customized and tailored irregularity handling processes and procedures to better equip staff members to effectively manage situations as they arise.

In addition to the development of documented processes and procedures, we can provide training for both frontline and supervisory staff to ensure that the processes and procedures are understood and tested in operation.

Emergency Response

A well-planned and current Emergency Response Plan is key to company survival. When the unthinkable happens, the time for preparation, training or testing is long gone.

With aviation Consult’s expertise, we are able to provide the planning, preparation, testing and implementation of a robust emergency Response Plan.

  • Creation of an Emergency Response Plan as an all-encompassing crisis management manual, including:
    • Definition of an internal call/information chain
    • Description of individual responsibilities by positions/persons
    • Description of first actions and rules of actions of individual positions/person
    • Communications and interaction with media, relatives, friends, etc
    • Logistics requirements – staff, systems and equipment
  • Preparation of an Emergency Control Center (situation room)
  • Preparation of special facilities for relatives & friends, media, Go-Team, and including the availability of counselling and support services
  • Preparation of a call center, including training for employees
  • Preparation of a Go-Team by nominating departmental representatives
  • Training and drills for management & staff
  • Business Continuity for routine operations
  • Staff support and counselling services
  • Post crisis debriefing and review